LCP makes control equity investments in companies with profitability ranging from under-performing, in need of operational help, to highly profitable companies in need of growth capital or to provide liquidity for existing ownership.

For investments that are in need of operational assistance, we take a “hands on”, active role in day-to-day management. We feel this focus differentiates us from many traditional private equity firms, which may be concentrated more on a financial engineering strategy.

LCP works to identify unique investment opportunities whereby, we as principals can measure existing results and develop strategies accordingly. Whether we are partnering with an existing owner(s), an existing management team, or installing a new management team, we are focused on long-term time horizons and make investment decisions as such.  Our main goal, first and foremost, is to provide superior, long-term investment returns for our partners.

LCP has distinguished itself by delivering performance, as measured by internal rate of return, in the top quartile as compared to its peer group of Funds.